How do I get access to the Reading Room?

Reading RoomThe Linguistics Reading Room (4100 FLB) is a great place for studying, eating, relaxing, or getting some work done. It has a large table, two couches, a small refrigerator, a microwave, and tons of books.

If you ever decide that you would like access to the Reading Room, you will need to have an I-Card. You should take a copy of the front and back of your I-Card to Cathy Drake in 4080 FLB or to Jon Swigart in 2090 FLB. They will take your UIN and have access granted to your I-Card. It may take some time for the card swiper on the door to be re-programmed, but you will then have access.

Just don’t spend too much time napping on the couches!

Welcome new students!

It’s time to start of another year of amazing linguistics at UIUC! We would like to welcome the incoming cohorts of graduate students!

MATESL StudentsMATESL Students:

Valerie Abbott, Katerina Bolos, Marie Henehan, Ruoyu Huang, Christine Huh, Kampanat Induang, Jude Krushnowski, Maria Kuhn, Eva Miszoglad, Kokoro Muramoto, Yu Qi, Catalina del Pilar Sandoval Muñoz, Rebecca Smith, Lourda Thorson, Mien-Jen Wu

LING Students:LING Grad Students

Fahimah Alshabeeb (not pictured), Chung-Yu Chen, Patrick Drackley, Sarah Johnson, Stephanie Landblom, Kailen Shantz, Benjamin Weissman