Congratulations to graduate students who received LSO Conference Awards!

The following graduate students received LSO Winter-Spring Conference Awards to present their research in the 2019-2020 academic year. Congratulations!

  1. Ping-Lin Chuang, presenting ‘Validating the diagnostic potential of a profile-based writing scale: Examination of argument structure and quality’ at 2021 American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Virtual Conference
  2. Adetutu Fabusoro, presenting ‘Linguistics Landscape’ at Illinois TESOL/BE 2021 Convention
  3. Xinlei Chen, presenting ‘Chinese ESL learners, how are they different? ‘ at the 17th Annual CamTESOL Virtual Conference
  4. Mai Mohamed, presenting ‘Investment in English: A Study of Egyptian Twitter Users’ at ITBE’s 46th Annual Convention 2021
  5. Chelsey Norman, presenting ‘The Alt-Right Arc: Language, identity, and audience uptake’ at 2021 American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Virtual Conference

Wig and Wine

The LSO’s first get-together of this academic year (Wig and Wine event) was organized over Zoom in a low key setting last week, Saturday October 24th, 2020. Everyone had an enjoyable time getting to know each other, exchanging stories and experiences. Please stay tuned for the next event!


Fall BBQ

We had a great opportunity to get together as an LSO along with some faculty and families this past Saturday. It was great to play games, get to know each other a bit more, and just hang out. Good food – good people – good times.10551603_828067780547364_602355604789829495_o 10633417_828067470547395_5759751604588682963_o 10661852_828067707214038_3241429534330481964_o 10704337_828067883880687_605885347578846723_o IMG_0325

Welcome new students!

It’s time to start of another year of amazing linguistics at UIUC! We would like to welcome the incoming cohorts of graduate students!

MATESL StudentsMATESL Students:

Valerie Abbott, Katerina Bolos, Marie Henehan, Ruoyu Huang, Christine Huh, Kampanat Induang, Jude Krushnowski, Maria Kuhn, Eva Miszoglad, Kokoro Muramoto, Yu Qi, Catalina del Pilar Sandoval Muñoz, Rebecca Smith, Lourda Thorson, Mien-Jen Wu

LING Students:LING Grad Students

Fahimah Alshabeeb (not pictured), Chung-Yu Chen, Patrick Drackley, Sarah Johnson, Stephanie Landblom, Kailen Shantz, Benjamin Weissman