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Welcome to the LSO!

The UIUC Linguistics Student Organization provides several services to students at UIUC. Membership is open to graduates and undergraduates from linguistics and related fields, as well as to any student interested in the study of language. The LSO organizes social events, has produced three Linguistics Dept. T-Shirts and a mug for fundraising purposes. Recent speakers that the LSO has hosted: William Labov in 2007; Daniel Everett, David Lightfoot, and Ray Jackendoff in 2008; Paul Boersma and Robin Lakoff in 2009; Keiko Koda in 2010; Scott Kiesling and Alan Yu in 2013.

Each year from 2009 to 2014, the LSO has hosted the annual ILLS conference. For more information on past and future conferences, visit the ILLS website at

In addition, we have weekly meetings, which are held Fridays at **1:30 pm** in the Linguistics Reading Room in the FLB. Every week we have a moving happy hour. Times and locations are sent out over the email list.

If you're interested in the organization or would like to know more, please direct e-mail to Kate Lyons (

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